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4th of July Article

So far this summer, Innovative Gourmet has been busy with weddings, parties and barbecuing! We absolutely love the summer season! The grill is going, the sangria is being mixed, and its only July!

Recently we met with a beautiful couple, whose wedding we will be catering this fall, and we could not help but want to share their story of how they met on July 4th.

It was the red star shaped stickers thickly spread across Lorelei’s cheeks that first caught David’s attention. It was July 4 2007. The young girl sat on the bottom of the concrete steps of the inner harbor, surrounded by friends, as the fireworks began to shoot off into the black sky. Though Lorelei couldn’t keep her gaze away from the magical firework show, David on the other hand couldn’t keep his eyes off of her.

Not knowing who she was, or if he would ever see her again, David realized he had to act quickly. Feverishly thinking of a romantic gesture, David decided to order an ice cream sundae (with two spoons) from a shop inside the pavilion. He nervously approached Lorelei, introducing himself with a shaky voice and asking if she would share the sundae with him. Lorelei claims she could tell how nervous he was, and could not turn down such a sweet act.

Lorelei and David spent the next five 4th of July’s together, in Baltimore. Whether they were watching fireworks at Oregon Ridge or took a day trip to Ocean City, they made it a tradition to spend that day together and of course, share an ice cream sundae at the end of the night.

On their last July 4 together, David suggested they travel back to the inner harbor, to where they first met. He left Lorelei sitting on the same concrete stairs, and told her he would be back with the ice cream sundae. When David returned he had no sundae in hand, but a ring box instead. He proposed that night to the girl he met five years earlier at the exact same spot.

Lorelei and David have been loving every moment of their engagement! They have said they don’t know which venue they want to get married in just yet, but they have already informed us that an ice cream sundae bar is an absolute must!

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