Cooking with the chef

cooking_chef Nationally renowned chef Barry Fleischmann runs the only chef-owned catering company in Baltimore. His intimate involvement with the daily operations of Innovative Gourmet produces unparalleled quality and taste in every dish he prepares. With his unyielding attention to detail and knack for creativity, Barry Fleischmann has developed Innovative Gourmet’s niche – excellence.

Barry Fleischmann opened Innovative Gourmet in 1984 with the goal of raising the level of quality and creativity from caterers in Baltimore. He knew to become tops in the industry, he needed to study with the best. Thus, Madeleine Kamman, Robert Parker and Jean Louis Palladin all have shared their kitchens with Barry Fleischmann.

Along with his co-partner and wife, Maria, Barry has catapulted Innovative Gourmet to the huge success it is today. Corporations, event planners and individuals have all turned to Barry for succulent menus, which utilize only the freshest ingredients and are always delivered on time, with extreme attention to detail.

While in his spare time, Barry is a wine connoisseur, his knowledge of wine certainly accentuates his talents in gourmet cuisine. His personal wine collection includes vintage selections from around the world. His distinguished palate with a true appreciation for flavor – whether wine or food – is apparent in every meal he designs and prepares for Innovative Gourmet.

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